Build Your Own PC vs Prebuilt

Build Your Own PC vs Prebuilt

If the question is about buying or building your own gaming PC then both the ideas are right in different ways, it depends on person to person, because both the ideas have their own pros and cons, but it will be easy for you to choose between these two if you will have proper knowledge about both the methods, and which will be beneficial for you.

Mostly it depends on your choice and in your budget. As compared to buying a prebuilt pc, it can be cheaper to build your own gaming PC but you don’t get the overall warranty for your PC. But at the same time building own PC allows you to customize it more according to your choice and it will be more lucrative.

And now if it’s about buying a prebuilt PC. It also has its own benefits like it will be more authentic, faster and if something goes wrong you mostly get an overall warranty on prebuilt PCs. So deciding between these two depends on your needs.

But reading this article will clear your confusion about building or buying your gaming PC.

Building a PC yourself

Custom built PCIf you are thinking to build your own gaming PC there is no doubt it’s a good idea because it gives you a better value of your money as well as it is something which you will enjoy doing. Also, it is more rewarding because after working hours in a machine while building a PC.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you press that start button for the first time, and your PC comes to your life. Building a PC is not as difficult as it may sound if you are able to understand the PC parts and their compatibility. If you are building your own PC you are not limited means you can also customize all the parts according to your needs.

Buying a prebuilt PC

If you are thinking to buy a prebuilt it’s a good idea because it is very simple you get what you pay for. When you buy a prebuilt gaming PC you are not just paying for that PC but you also paying for someone’s time, which takes time to make a PC and also you have to make sure that the parts and components are compatible. So this will save you lots of time, which you will waste on building your own PC.

Because building your own PC can be a lot of fun but at the same time, you also need to put the work in making sure that all the parts are compatible and will fit to work.


Pros and cons of prebuilt PC and custom PC:


Prebuilt PC

First we are starting with pros which are:

  • These computers are best for those who do not know more about, which combination of components will be best to suit their needs.
  • This is the best for those are able to spend more money in exchange for less shopping, less research, and less hassle and don’t have much time to research and who want it now.
  • If you buy a prebuilt computer company provides you all detail about its performance. And you also get a warranty for a specific period of time.
  • Saves your time and all the hassle that building your own PC will take.


  • As compare to building PC yourself, you will cost much on buying PC
  • You will only have the parts the company is offering you.
  • You mostly don’t get the exact combination that you want.
  • Prebuilt PCs are also harder to upgrade

Building own PC


  • Building your own gaming PC will be cheaper as compare to buying prebuilt.
  • You can customize your computer the same as you want and as you need.
  • You also get PC parts as you want, no one can force you to get whatever you can find online.
  • It is very easy to learn how to build your own PC by watching different videos and guides online.
  • It is also in your hand that how the final product will look like, because most of the prebuilt PCs almost look same.


  • It consumes a lot of time, not just in case of the building but also in choosing parts for the computer
  • There are possibilities of error, because if you choose PC components totally according to your choice, you may end with few parts which are not compatible.


So maybe after reading all this, you must have guessed what to do. Because both the methods are right. But it depends entirely on you what you want to choose.


image credit: © filiz -stock-adobe.com